This workwear has it all: carefully considered functionality, a sporty design, exciting colour contrasts, unusual material combinations and a cut that fits like a glove. These stand-out items look equally good on men and women. Fashionable workwear in a street-savvy design to keep it casual when you're on the move. Ideally suited to industry and manual processing work.

uvex suXXeed: Collection highlights

  • Workwear for all
  • Women's and men's outfits
  • Breathable and intelligent material combinations
  • Slim and regular fit — new fits for all men's trousers
  • Sporty jackets with integrated "high-rise" sleeve design, leaving the jacket where it belongs
  • Feather-light quilted jacket for the perfect combination all-weather jacket
  • Street-style hybrid jacket and hoody
  • To get you in the summer mood: shirts, vest and Bermuda shorts

uvex workwear catalogue

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Experience workwear that doesn't compromise:

The new uvex workwear: a good companion for everything
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Are you ready for uvex suXXeed?

Imagine that the afternoon is slowly coming to an end. You're outside. In the great outdoors. Sun on your skin, wind in your hair. Your work clothes fit perfectly — and can keep up with sudden weather changes.

Your colleagues give you a nod of approval. You know what that means: Everybody wants to hang out with a guy like you, both at work and after work. And this is the perfect outfit. Shoes off and feet in the lake. Relax. Let loose. Bring on the weekend. Perfect. Home will still be there when the sun goes down. But first, cycle around the lake. Or head up and down the mountain. The possibilities? Virtually endless.

Picture it all — with workwear that won't let you down for a second. Not before work, nor after work. Durable. Cool. At work and at play.

Congratulations. This workwear can now be yours.

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OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and TENCEL®

All textiles in the uvex suXXeed collection meet the strict criteria of the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 — meaning they are proven to be free of agents that can damage your health.

Oeko-Tex certified textiles by uvex

More OEKO-TEX-certified textiles from uvex Each shirt in this stylish product series is 60% sustainable TENCEL™ material. This not only makes them exceptionally comfortable—especially on warm days—but also protects our natural resources, thanks to the fast-growing raw wood material used for the fibres.

More textiles made from TENCEL™ material

slim fit or regular: everybody finds his perfect fit with these trousers

Size, length, fit: Trousers to suit every taste.

What makes these uvex suXXeed collection trousers special is that they are available not only in different sizes, but also in different fits and lengths.

With denim, such variety is normal. However, it is less common to see a workwear collection that is as adapted to the individual wearer as this. These everyday trousers have to sit perfectly and follow every movement of the legs. uvex suXXeed trousers are available in all sizes in short, medium and long lengths.

Whether you're looking for a sporty slim-fit design or a classic regular-fit model with robust knee pockets, there is something for everyone.

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